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A unique IoT solution with unlimited applications


Maximum performance at your fingertips
With PrismaSense® wireless remote monitoring solutions

Enable Data-Driven Decisions

Limited access to real-time data, results to waste of resources and poor performance?

PrismaSense® solutions provide instant access to data, to enable effective decisions in day to day operations.


Wireless collectors gather
real-time data from various sensors


Data is processed to provide valuable insights based on advanced analytics


Sophisticated decisions based on analytics, instant alerts and custom reports


Optimize Resource Allocation

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Enhance Safety Resources

Prevent Crisis Situations

Increase Equipment Life

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Fully expandable and scalable


Cloud ,Wi-Fi,5G,Ethernet


Robust IP67


with the majority of sensors

Power Sources

AC, Battery, USB, Solar and Car Charger


Cloud & Local storage in SD Card as a backup for lack of connectivity

Dynamic rerouting

Dynamic rerouting of WSN data in case of communication loss


Very Low Energy Consumption

Custom reports and alerts

SMS, Email, Mobile Notifications

Cellular usage

Designed for less cellular usage during data transmissions


Friendly Web-based Interface and Mobile Application

Out of the box solutions
for home & cities, maritime, industry


Prisma Electronics S.A.

Leading Innovator in ICT and Electronics for Industrial, Aerospace and Defense applications,collaborating with ESA, AIRBUS DS and CERN.

Commitment to Research

Prisma Electronics SA is committed to research by spending over 20% of its revenues on R&D activities. Our synergies and partnerships include more than 100 researchers and universities worldwide, including some of the most prestigious institutions and Research Centers throughout Europe.